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Sports Veterans Association is a non-commercial organization. It was created in June of 2003. The aim of the Association is to establish the relations between sports organizations, sportsmen and people of different ages loving sports.

Our objectives:

  1. To organize and host the educational-training events and competitions for sportsmen and sports fans of all levels of training.
  2. To organize and host sporting forums of all areas, individual tours, interchange of tourist groups and sports fans.
  3. To assist in establishing of the cultural exchange between individuals and organizations of the seminars, exhibitions in different areas of sports.
  4. To assist in receiving of sporting and cultural grants and scholarships from governmental and community agencies, the organization of habitation in families, studying and perfecting of sports activities in the USA.

Sports Veterans Association was created upon an initiative of Eduard Luchin – the Executive Director of Association, sport journalist and with the active and direct participation of Rafail Gorodecky – the Honorary President of Veterans of Sports Association, Merited Coach of Ukraine, Internationally Certified Boxing Referee and other enthusiasts and professionals of their affair.

Sports Veterans Association acts in close collaboration with different public organizations of Russian-speaking community of the USA.


Management Team

Edward Luchin
The President of Sports Veterans Association
Senior Editor of website of Sports Veterans Association
Dr. Joseph Kleinerman
The Honorary President of Sports Veterans Association
The vice-president of Sports Veterans Association
Vladimir ZVYAGIN
The Press Attaché of Sports Veterans Association
The Honorary President of Sports Veterans Association
The Financial Director of Sports Veterans Association