Monument in memory of 11 Israeli sportsmen

Dear friends! People of goodwill! We need your financial support to create and errect a monument in the City of New York, USA, in the memory of 11 members of the Israeli sports delegation who died at the hands of Palestinian terrorists at the 20th summer Olympics in Munich, Germany in September 1972. The monument is planned to be erected on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of this tragedy, which will be on September 5, 2022. Thanks for your support!

Дорогие друзья! Люди доброй воли! Нам нужна ваша финансовая поддержка для создания и установления в городе Нью-Йорк, США, памятника в память 11 членов спортивной делегации Израиля, погибших от рук палестниских террористов на 20-х летних Олимпийских играх в Мюнхене, Германия, в сентябре 1972 года. Памятник планируется установить к 50-летней годовщине этой трагедии, которая будет отмечаться 5 сентября 2022 года. Спасибо за вашу поддержку!

Description of the Monument

  1. On the top of the monument five Olympic rings are placed. They are hanging in the air on the background of the sky. One of the rings is broken, which symbolizes the tragedy of an exploded Olympics. Inscription on the rings says: “Munich. Germany. September 5-6, 1972.”
  2. Israeli flag is also placed on the top. It is made of bronze or aluminum. There are 11 bullet holes on the flag that symbolize 11 members of Israeli Olympic delegation murdered at the Olympics. The flag is adjusted to the rings and is hanging down along the monument to the wall. The wall is made of a stone that comes from Israel, from the same rock as the stone of Jerusalem Western Wall is made. It will symbolize the Western Well of Jerusalem.
  3. On the right side of the Monument, on the foundation made from black marble (“Labrador”), there are names and dates of birth/death of each perished Israeli. On a separate table from black marble there are in-stone pictures of the victims with their first and last names.
  4. The foundation of the monument is a granite slab with inscription in bronze: “September 5-6, 1972. Munich. Germany.” “In blessed memory of all victims of terror! No to terror”
  5. Within the hidden part of the monument (inside the wall) we plan to install special detectors and a technical devise with stereophonic speakers. When anyone (or a group of people) approaches the monument, the devise will automatically turn on musical requiem in memory of those perished and also turn on the small lamps on a bronze “menorah” that is placed at the foundation of the memorial. The musical requiem is made especially for this project by Israeli composer Dmitry Shekhter.
  6. From 11 bullet holes that are placed on Israeli flag, drops of water will slowly slide down on the wall and down to monument’s foundation. These drops am symbolizing tears as we moum for the victims. The drops then will be collected in a special vessel hidden inside the foundation, from where they will go up back to the flag.

– Lenny Krayzelburg: Honorary President of the Project. Four gold medalist Olympic swimmer.
– Edward Luchin: Director of project. President of Veterans Sports Association.
– Yury Ahdurakhmanov: Creative Director, Artist of Project, Monument Designer.
– Ilya Abdurakhmonov: 3D Computer Designer.